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Subject[ANNOUNCE] Guilt v0.26
Guilt v0.26 is available for download (once it mirrors out on

Guilt (Git Quilt) is a series of bash scripts which add a Mercurial
queues-like functionality and interface to git.


Git repo:

Although there was a v0.26-rc1 release, I never announced it so the
following summary includes all the changes since v0.25. Unfortunately, it
took two months to get this release out. I promise to get back to the 2-3
week release cycle.

The major change since v0.25 (contributed by Pierre Habouzit) is that Guilt
no longer depends on bash. Other than that, there have been a number of bug
fixes, as well several new commands and options:

branch Branch the repository & patch series
diff Output a diff against the top-most applied patch
fold -k Keep patch file
graph Generate dot(1) patch dependecy graph
new -f Force new patch creation
refresh --git Detect renames & copies
series -g Start gitk on the applied patches

Additionally, Guilt now knows how to:

Grab Cc: lines from the patch descriptions for patchbomb
Strip 'Subject: ' from the first line of patch description

All in all, quite a number of changes, so it is possible that I forgot to
mention something. For more details, check the change list below, or the git
repository near you :)

As always, patches, and other feedback is welcome.

Josef "Jeff" Sipek.

Changes since v0.25:

Josef 'Jeff' Sipek (20):
graph: generate a dot(1) dependency graph of patches
graph: Remove graph cache after command terminates
new: Added new option, -f to force new patch creation
refresh: Added --git option to generate more git friendly diff
new: current working dir should not be displayed
export: Create subdirectories before copying the patch files
series: Added -g option to start gitk
refresh: Reintroduce the --git option that got accidentally dropped
guilt: added -V/--version option to display only the version number
fold: Added -k option to keep patch file
Guilt v0.26-rc1
guilt: Strip "^Subject: " from first line of patch message
Docs/Requirements: sh is now required instead of bash
branch: new command to create a new branch with duplicated patches directory
Docs: A begining of a Features file
graph: Fixed graph generation
patchbomb: Grab additional Cc info from '^Cc:' lines in patch desc
patchbomb: Remove leftover debug code
diff: Create a diff against the top-most applied patch
Guilt v0.26

Pierre Habouzit (8):
Add a guilt-export(1) command to export a guilt series to quilt.
guilt(1): Obvious bashisms fixed.
guilt(1): simplifications...
guilt(1): reimplement push_patch, using a subshell to avoid locals.
Remove bashisms - easy commands
guilt-status(1): Remove bashisms.
Remove last bashisms from remaining commands.
Regression test suite needs bash, that's OK.

Theodore Ts'o (1):
Fix guilt to work correctly even if the refs are packed
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