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SubjectRe: [PATCH] CFS: Fix missing digit off in wmult table

On Tue, 17 Jul 2007, Ingo Molnar wrote:

> Roman, please do me a favor, and ask me the following question:
> " Ingo, you've been maintaining the scheduler for years. In fact you
> wrote the old nice code we are talking about here. You changed it a
> number of times since then. So you really know what's going on here.
> Why does the old nice code behave like that for nice +19 levels? "
> I've been waiting for that obvious question, and i _might_ be able to
> answer it, but somehow it never occured to you ;-) Thanks,

Do you have any idea how insulting and arrogant this is?
Let me translate for you, how this arrived:

"O Ingo, who art our god of the scheduler. You have blessed the paths I
walked in. You kept me from sinning numerous times. Your wisdom is
infinite. Guide me on the journey that layeth ahead of me into this world
knowledge of Your truth."

(I apologize already in advance, if I should have hurt anyones religious

It's obvious that you have more experience with the scheduler code, but
does that make you unfailable? Does that give you the right to act like a
I do make mistakes, I try to learn from them and life goes on, I have no
problem with that, but what I have a problem with is if someone is abusing
this to his own advantage. I have to be extremely carful what I say to
you, because you jump on the first small mistake and I have to bear your
insults like "there's nothing i can do about your denial of facts - that
is your own private problem." I have no problems with facts, I'm only
trying very hard to ignore your arrogant behaviour...
If you have something to contribute to this discussion which might clear
things up, then just say it, but I'm not going to beg for it.

bye, Roman
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