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Subject[GIT PATCES] kbuild updates for merge window
Hi Linus.

First kbuild push for the merge window. A bit late since I have been on vacation.
The most noteworthy are quite some refactoring to produce better section
mismatch warnings.
The rest is basically just small changes with no major impact.

The optimised header-check was not ready - it will be pushed later.

Half of this or more has been in -mm but there is also a few
patches that did not appear in -mm due to me being late.


Please pull from:

Adrian Bunk (1):
kbuild: use -fno-optimize-sibling-calls unconditionally

Aneesh Kumar K.V (1):
kbuild: fix the warning when running make tags

Atsushi Nemoto (1):
kbuild: make better section mismatch reports on i386 and mips

Bernhard Walle (1):
kconfig: strip 'CONFIG_' automatically in kernel configuration search

H. Peter Anvin (1):
scripts: Make cleanfile/cleanpatch warn about long lines

Jan Beulich (1):
modpost white list pattern adjustment

Jeremy Fitzhardinge (1):
kbuild: .paravirtprobe section is obsolete, so modpost doesn't need to handle it

Mathieu Desnoyers (3):
cris: use DATA_DATA in cris
powerpc: add missing DATA_DATA to powerpc
xtensa: use DATA_DATA in xtensa

Mike Frysinger (4):
kconfig: use POSIX equality test in
kbuild: add support for reading stdin with gen_init_cpio
kbuild: add support for squashing uid/gid in
kbuild: use POSIX BRE in headers install target

Paulo Marques (1):
kallsyms: remove usage of memmem and _GNU_SOURCE from scripts/kallsyms.c

Ralf Baechle (1):
Whitelist references from __dbe_table to .init

Roman Zippel (1):
kconfig: reset generated values only if Kconfig and .config agree.

Sam Ravnborg (13):
kbuild: asm-offsets.h is now cleaned with O=.. builds
kbuild: document cc-fullversion
kbuild: avoid environment to set variables used by kbuild
kconfig: fix update-po-config
kbuild: make better section mismatch reports on arm
kbuild: ignore section mismatch warnings originating from .note section
kbuild: refactor code in modpost to improve maintainability
kbuild: consolidate section checks
kbuild: warn about references from .init.text to .exit.text
kbuild: remove hardcoded apic_es7000 from modpost
kbuild: remove hardcoded _logo names from modpost
kbuild: whitelist references from variables named _timer to .init.text
kbuild: do section mismatch check on full vmlinux

Segher Boessenkool (2):
kbuild: New 'cc-fullversion' macro
powerpc: Refuse to build 64-bit with GCC-4.2.0 and CONFIG_MODULES

Stephen Rothwell (1):
kbuild: suppress modpost warnings for references from the .toc section as used by powerpc

Documentation/kbuild/makefiles.txt | 14 ++
Kbuild | 1 +
Makefile | 26 ++-
arch/cris/arch-v10/ | 2 +-
arch/cris/arch-v32/ | 2 +-
arch/i386/mach-generic/es7000.c | 2 +-
arch/powerpc/Makefile | 8 +
arch/powerpc/kernel/ | 4 +-
arch/xtensa/kernel/ | 3 +-
drivers/video/logo/logo.c | 7 +-
scripts/Kbuild.include | 7 +-
scripts/ | 16 ++
scripts/Makefile.headersinst | 14 +-
scripts/Makefile.modpost | 4 +-
scripts/cleanfile | 54 +++++-
scripts/cleanpatch | 58 +++++-
scripts/ | 15 +-
scripts/ | 12 +-
scripts/kallsyms.c | 17 ++-
scripts/kconfig/Makefile | 35 ++--
scripts/kconfig/confdata.c | 37 +++-
scripts/kconfig/kxgettext.c | 4 +-
scripts/kconfig/lxdialog/ | 2 +-
scripts/kconfig/mconf.c | 11 +-
scripts/mod/modpost.c | 312 ++++++++++++++++-----------
scripts/mod/modpost.h | 3 +
usr/gen_init_cpio.c | 4 +-
27 files changed, 474 insertions(+), 200 deletions(-)
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