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SubjectRe: howto create partitions bigger than 2TB
On 14.07.2007 00:52, H. Peter Anvin wrote (please find the answer below the original text):
> Ingo Freund wrote:
>> Hi
>> I've got a RAID5 (driver aacraid for an ICP9047MA) with four
>> 750GB hdds which provides a 2.25TB sized device.
>> None of the until now used tools will work with that device.
>> fdisk complains about missing cylinder count.
>> cfdisk misses the device size.
>> parted shows the right device size but only creates a partion
>> with 51GB.
>> What am I supposed to do to work with this device?
>> Which fs can handle it?
>> We are talking about a 32Bit machine with vanilla kernel
> You have to use GPT partitions instead of DOS partitions (although you
> may have to leave your /boot as an DOS partitions, this is supposed to
> be possible as the two partitioning schemes are designed to coexist, but
> I don't think parted has support for it yet.)

This is the solution (for use as a data container on a backup machine):

parted /dev/sdb:
(parted) mklabel gpt
(parted) mkpart p 0 100%
(parted) quit
mkreiserfs /dev/sdb1
...and all seems to work.

Thank you all very much for your hints.

Regards - Ingo.
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