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Subject[PATCH 0/5] Convert a HiSax driver to the PCI hotplug API

This patch series presents a series of five patches, the end result
being a HiSax driver modularized and converted to use the standard PCI
hotplug API (and not pci_find_device).

1) HiSax: move card setup into separate function
2) HiSax: move card state alloc/setup code into separate functions
3) HiSax: modularize card setup; introduce simple hotplug API
4) HiSax netjet_s: code movement, prep for hotplug
5) HiSax netjet_s: convert to PCI hotplug API

As discussed a month or two ago when I submitted my first ISDN PCI
cleanup patch... kkeil suggested that I do a sample PCI API conversion,
from which others could model HiSax driver conversion work.

DO NOT APPLY. It is 98% upstream ready, and ready for testing/debug,
but some changes in patch #5 need to be moved to patches 1-3.
And most importantly, I do not have access to ISDN hardware, so kkeil
or somebody will need to be able to test and debug this stuff :/

This work can be found on the 'isdn-pci' branch of


P.S. "DO NOT APPLY" is only for upstream. It would be great for this to
appear in -mm.

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