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SubjectRe: [PATCH/RFC] msleep() with hrtimers
On Monday 16 July 2007, Jonathan Corbet wrote:
> Here's another approach: a reimplementation of msleep() and
> msleep_interruptible() using hrtimers. On a system without real
> hrtimers this code will at least drop down to single-jiffy delays much
> of the time (though not deterministically so). On my x86_64 system with
> Thomas's hrtimer/dyntick patch applied, msleep(1) gives almost exactly
> what was asked for.

This reminds me of a patch I did some time ago, without ever getting
any feedback on it:

In addition to just msleep, it converted all users of schedule_timeout()
as well as sys_*select(). I actually ran with that patch on my
main worstation for a few weeks, and while it did not crash, I
saw some strange behaviour after all.

Arnd <><
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