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SubjectRe: [PATH 0/1] Kexec jump - v2 - the first step to kexec based hibernation

On Sunday 15 July 2007 17:13:13 Huang, Ying wrote:
> The complete changelog of the patch is as follow:
> ---
> Kexec base hibernation has some potential advantages over uswsusp and
> TuxOnIce (suspend2). Some most obvious advantages are:
> 1. The hibernation image size can exceed half of memory size easily.
> 2. The hibernation image can be written to and read from almost
> anywhere, such as USB disk, NFS.

This isn't right. TuxOnIce has no problem with image sizes exceeding half the
amount of memory, and both uswsusp and TuxOnIce could write to a USB disk/key
or NFS as well. Historically, the issue with writing to USB devices has been
an issue with USB device drivers, not hibernation implementations. I haven't
tried writing an image to USB, but with the work on the drivers, I wouldn't
be surprised if it was usable now. NFS? Again, I haven't tried, but wouldn't
expect it to be impossible. I did try writing an image to an NBD device a
couple of years ago. It didn't quite work, but wasn't far away.


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