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SubjectRe: e100 PCI bridge problem
Krzysztof Halasa wrote:

>William Montgomery <> writes:
>>I am using a PCI analyzer and it shows the bus in an idle state after
>>the lockup. The PCI transactions just prior to the lockup show a
>>couple of interrupts from the card which appear to be handled
>>correctly. Anything I should be looking for in particular?
>I'd try to check with other machine using "secondary" bus slot.
>BTW: Are you able to analyze the "primary" bus transactions while
>using the card in "secondary" bus? Perhaps there is something
>wrong in front of the motherboard bridge?
>A broken motherboard may be hard to diagnose, unfortunately.
>Can you post something like "lspci -vv" taken on both machines?
I will post more info on Monday when I am able to power them up.

I'm not so sure the motherboard is broken, I am leaning more towards a
bridge. This computer is a 4U 19 inch rackmount chassis with a PCMIG
CPU and a 12 slot PCI backplane. I have done a lot of testing with this
box trying to characterize this problem. In one case I have put 3 Intel
PRO 100S NICs on the secondary PCI bus and they ran under heavy stress
test loads overnight. The 4 port NIC seems to be the only card that
doesnt want to cooperate.
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