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SubjectRe: Documentation of kernel messages (Summary)
On Fri, 13 Jul 2007 14:05:49 -0400 Rob Landley wrote:

> Cleaning up Documentation is on my todo list, but for this month I'm trying to
> integrate the existing Documentation files with things like the OLS papers,
> linux journal articles, kernel articles, man-pages, and so on into
> one big index. (Indexing it requires reading large chunks of it. My brain
> hurts.)
> If there's interest, I can push some patches to clean up Documentation by
> moving files into subdirectories, but Documentation's not well-suited to link
> out to the web. (You need html for that, and it's text.)

I think that you should start moving Documentation/ files around
and adding subdirectories -- if you are pretty sure of where they
should go (i.e., they won't likely be moved again later on).

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