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SubjectFurther 2.6.23 merge plans...
As you can see, I just sent my first 2.6.23 pull request for Linus.
There are still a few more things I plan to do in before the merge
window closes (in ~10 days):

- Write a patch to add P_Key handling to user_mad in the way we
discussed (add an ioctl to enable P_Key mode without breaking old
apps) -- I hope to do this tomorrow so we can get some review and
testing before merging it.

- Take a look at Sean's local SA caching patches. I merged
everything else from Sean's tree, but I'm still undecided about
these. I haven't read them carefully yet, but even aside from that
I don't have a good feeling about whether there's consensus about
this yet. Any opinions about merging, for or against, would be
appreciated here.

- Merge up pending hardware driver changes, including the cxgb3 and
ehca patches I have in my queue, plus Jack's catastrophic error
patch for mlx4.

- Try to get to resolution on the IPoIB "CM without SRQ" solution.

Also, if there's something I didn't list and didn't already include in
the tree I asked Linus to pull, please remind me. I probably dropped it.

- R.
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