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SubjectRe: [PATCH] signals: real-time signals delivery order
Anton Salikhmetov <salikhmetov <at>> writes:

> From: Anton Salikhmetov <salikhmetov <at>>
> According to the POSIX standard, multiple real-time signals
> pending to a process should be delivered in a strict order.
> Specifically, the lowest-numbered signal should be delivered
> first and multiple occurrences of signals with the same number
> should be delivered in FIFO order.
> Current Linux kernel delivers the highest-numbered signals
> pending to a process first, not the lowest-numbered ones. This
> contradicts to the requirement explained above. The problem can
> be demonstrated by the following test program:
I believe you should check that you mask or signal in your signal handler.
If you don't the high-prio handler will be prempted by low-prio, and they will
be executed in the reverse order.


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