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    SubjectRe: x86 setup code rewrite in C
    H. Peter Anvin wrote:
    > Al Boldi wrote:
    > > H. Peter Anvin wrote:
    > >> This patch set replaces the x86 setup code, which is currently all in
    > >> assembly, with a version written in C, using the ".code16gcc" feature
    > >> of binutils (which has been present since at least 2001.)
    > >>
    > >> The new code is vastly easier to read, and, I hope, debug. It should
    > >> be noted that I found a fair number of minor bugs while going through
    > >> this code, and have attempted to correct them.
    > >
    > > I have an i810 which supends-to-ram just fine, but when booted over pxe
    > > it just hangs. Will these patches fix this, and if so, is there an easy
    > > tar-ball against 2.6.22?
    > There is absolutely no way to know, other than testing it. There isn't
    > any real reason to suspect the setup code in your case, but it's worth a
    > shot, I guess.

    Well it's a bit far fetched to suspect the setup code, but I have another
    i440 that suspends-to-ram when booted over pxe without any problems. And,
    booting the i810 through dos-lilo also hangs STR, so that's why assumed it
    may be a setup code thing.

    > There is a git tree on you can pull, which is current
    > against 2.6.22.

    How can I pull a tar-ball from that without using a git client?



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