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SubjectRe: ata and netdev (was Re: -mm merge plans for 2.6.23)
Andrew Morton wrote:
> On Tue, 10 Jul 2007 13:42:16 -0400
> Jeff Garzik <> wrote:
>> (just to provide my indicator of status)
> Thanks.
>>> libata-add-irq_flags-to-struct-pata_platform_info-fix.patch
>> are other pata_platform people happy with this? I don't know embedded
>> well enough to know if adding this struct member will break things.
> This is just a silly remove-unneeded-cast-of-void* cleanup. I wrote this
> as a fixup against
> libata-add-irq_flags-to-struct-pata_platform_info.patch with the intention
> of folding it into that base patch, but you went and merged the submitter's
> original patch so this trivial fixup got stranded in -mm. Feel free to give
> it the piss-off-too-trivial treatment.

I'm sorry, I didn't look closely enough. I was referring to the
add-irq-flags patch itself, not your small fix.

>>> ata-ahci-alpm-store-interrupt-value.patch
>>> ata-ahci-alpm-expose-power-management-policy-option-to-users.patch
>>> ata-ahci-alpm-enable-link-power-management-for-ata-drivers.patch
>>> ata-ahci-alpm-enable-aggressive-link-power-management-for-ahci-controllers.patch
>>> These appear to need some work.
>> seemed mostly OK to me. what comments did I miss?
> Oh, I thought these were the patches which affected scsi and which James
> had issues with. I guess I got confused.

hrm. ISTR James wanted some cleanups, Kristen did some cleanups, then
looking at the cleanups decided they were needed / appropriate at this time.

Anyway, these are in my mbox queue and the libata portions (of which the
code is the majority) seem OK. Need to give them a final review.


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