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Subject[2.6.22-rc4-mm1] ACPI Exception (processor_throttling)
ACPI Exception (processor_throttling-0084): AE_NOT_FOUND, Evaluating
_PTC [20070126]
ACPI Exception (processor_throttling-0147): AE_NOT_FOUND, Evaluating
_TSS [20070126]

On I don't have this exceptions.

Other problem:

rutek:/home/maciek# cat /proc/acpi/processor/CPU0/throttling
Naruszenie ochrony pamięci (segmentation fault)

compared to
maciek@rutek:~$ cat /proc/acpi/processor/CPU0/throttling
state count: 8
active state: T0
*T0: 00%
T1: 12%
T2: 25%
T3: 37%
T4: 50%
T5: 62%
T6: 75%
T7: 87%

Other info (2.6.22-rc4-mm1):
rutek:/home/maciek# ls /proc/acpi/processor/CPU0/
info limit power throttling
rutek:/home/maciek# cat /proc/acpi/processor/CPU0/info
processor id: 0
acpi id: 1
bus mastering control: yes
power management: yes
throttling control: yes
limit interface: yes
rutek:/home/maciek# cat /proc/acpi/processor/CPU0/limit
active limit: P0:T0
user limit: P0:T0
thermal limit: P0:T0
rutek:/home/maciek# cat /proc/acpi/processor/CPU0/power
active state: C0
max_cstate: C8
bus master activity: 00000000
maximum allowed latency: 8000 usec
C1: type[C1] promotion[--] demotion[--]
latency[001] usage[00000000] duration[00000000000000000000]
C2: type[C2] promotion[--] demotion[--]
latency[001] usage[00000000] duration[00000000000000000000]

For CPU1 is similar.

config, dmesg, acpidump:

Maciej Rutecki

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