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SubjectRe: [PATCH 4/4] mm: variable length argument support
On Tue, 05 Jun 2007 17:05:27 +0200 Peter Zijlstra <> wrote:

> From: Ollie Wild <>
> Remove the arg+env limit of MAX_ARG_PAGES by copying the strings directly
> from the old mm into the new mm.
> We create the new mm before the binfmt code runs, and place the new stack
> at the very top of the address space. Once the binfmt code runs and figures
> out where the stack should be, we move it downwards.
> It is a bit peculiar in that we have one task with two mm's, one of which is
> inactive.
> ...
> + flush_cache_page(bprm->vma, kpos,
> + page_to_pfn(kmapped_page));

Breaks SuperH:

fs/exec.c: In function `bprm_mm_init':
fs/exec.c:268: warning: unused variable `vma'
fs/exec.c: In function `copy_strings':
fs/exec.c:431: error: structure has no member named `vma'

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