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SubjectRe: [patch 7/8] fdmap v2 - implement sys_socket2
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David Miller wrote:
> Since the valid range of "domain" values is quite small,
> we could avoid the new system call by cribbing some of the
> upper bits of the 'domain' argument.
> Valid existing programs pass in valid 'domain' values and
> thus will not set any of the new flags.

I can see several problems with that:

- - experimental implementers might choose domain values which definitely
won't collide with others

- - the flags parameter ideally allows using the same values used for
open's mode argument. The lowest value I can see making sense is
O_NONBLOCK (04000).

- - how to recognize kernels without the support? -EAFNOSUPPORT can also
with new kernels mean it's actually the domain which is wrong

- - there might be new flags we want to use over time

I would strongly argue that any change we're doing in this area at
userlevel would involve a new interface. Programs also need new
definitions from headers files. This means a recent enough glibc will
be needed in any case. Unless programs use their own definitions in
which case they might as well use the syscall() function.

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