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SubjectRe: 2.6.22-rc1-mm1
Andy Whitcroft wrote:
>> It definitely sounds like a memory clobber of some sort.
>> Usual suspects, in addition to the input/output buffers you already
>> looked at, would be the heap and the stack. Finding where the stack
>> pointer lives would be my first, instinctive guess.
> The stack seems to be where it should be and seems to stay pretty much
> in the same place as it should. Adding checks for the heap also seem to
> stay within bounds. I've tried making the stack and the heap 64k to no
> effect.
> Moving the kernel to other places in memory seems to kill the decode
> completely during gunzip() which may be a hint I am not sure.
> This thing is trying to ruin my mind.

Yours and mine both. Seems like *something* is clobbering memory, but
what and why is a mystery. The fact that putting the kernel in a higher
point in memory is a good indication that this clobber is at a
relatively high address.

How much RAM does this machine have?

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