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SubjectRe: libata & no PCI: dma_[un]map_single undefined
On Tue, Jun 05, 2007 at 03:59:46PM +0100, Russell King wrote:
> It's the fact that I _am_ CC'd on replies, so I get one message from LKML
> one from the original poster, maybe one via another mailing list if it's
> also copied there. Add that in to the mix of all the other mail hitting
> my MTA and the probability for the machine to exhaust it's limited VM is
> very high.

This is an utterly ridiculous argument. You are subscribed to LKML,
with a message size limit of 400K. "replies to rmk" are clearly lost
in the noise compared to the rest of the list traffic.

> Give me a way to stop people CC'ing me on replies and I'll happily remove
> the header. Unfortunately there isn't, so I can't.

So by fiat, you decide that gives you the right to override OTHER
PEOPLE'S personal preferences? Why are you so much more important
to a thread than everyone else?

If you are unwilling to fix the problem and work within existing
community email standards, I think it would be fair to ask vger
postmaster to start excising Mail-Followup-To headers.

You are NOT more important that everyone else.

Stop hijacking EVERYONE ELSE's email preferences.


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