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SubjectRe: Intel's response Linux/MTRR/8GB Memory Support / Why doesn't the kernel realize the BIOS has problems and re-map appropriately?
On 6/4/07, Justin Piszcz <> wrote:
> On Mon, 4 Jun 2007, Ray Lee wrote:
> > Ick. Systems that used to boot fine would then panic on a kernel
> > upgrade. That's rather rude for a condition that's merely an
> > optimization (using all memory), rather than one of correctness. A
> > panic seems entirely inappropriate.
> While I am unsure of the 'best' solution, if they boot and it does not
> panic but takes 10 minutes to boot, people are going to seriously wonder
> what is going on?

<goes and re-reads thread more carefully> Oh, hmm.

I think a big fat warning with asterisks in the bootup is a good
thing, but panicking when there's no need is never a good idea. If the
system takes that long to boot up, I'm certain the first thing they'll
do is to type dmesg | less to look for anomalies.

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