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    SubjectRe: slow open() calls and o_nonblock
    On 6/4/07, Alan Cox <> wrote:
    > > Now, I'm a userspace guy so I can be pretty dense, but shouldn't a
    > > call with a nonblocking flag return EAGAIN if its going to take
    > > anywhere near 415ms?
    > Violation of causality. We don't know it will block for 415ms until 415ms
    > have elapsed.

    Understood - but what I'm getting at is more the fact that there
    really doesn't appear to be any real implementation of nonblocking
    open(). On the socket side of the fence, I would consider a regular
    file open() to be equivalent to a connect() call - the difference
    obviously being that we already have a handle for the socket.

    The end result, however, is roughly the same. We have a file
    descriptor with the endpoint established. In the socket world, we
    assume that a nonblocking request will always return immediately and
    the application is expected to come back around and see if the request
    has completed. Regular files have no equivalent.

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