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SubjectRe: [PATCH] b44: power down PHY when interface down
On Saturday 30 June 2007 13:47:35 Török Edvin wrote:
> When the interface is down (or driver removed), the BroadCom 44xx card remains
> powered on, and both its MAC and PHY is using up power.
> This patch makes the driver issue a MAC_CTRL_PHY_PDOWN when the interface
> is halted, and does a partial chip reset turns off the activity LEDs too.
> Applies to 2.6.22-rc6, or current git head.
> Tested on a Broadcom BCM4401-B0 card, it saves ~0.5W (measured using powertop).

Hm, I was going to measure the real power advantage with a
PCI-extender card. But my B44B0 card doesn't seem to work in
that extender card. It works perfectly fine sticked directly into
the motherboard, though, and other cards like a BCM4318 work in
the extender, too.
Not sure what this is.
The extender has an application note about nonworking cards in the
extender and a too big resistor on the board IDSEL pin being the
cause of this.
Maybe I can try with another machine tomorrow.

Greetings Michael.
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