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SubjectRe: Patch related with Fork Bombing Atack
On Sunday 03 June 2007 19:01:21 Nix wrote:
> On 1 Jun 2007, Jens Axboe told this:
> > I think Anand is assuming that because syslog may coalesce identical
> > messages into "repeated foo times" in the messages file, that it's not a
> > dos. That is of course wrong.
> Not all syslog daemons do that, anyway. (syslog-ng doesn't, for one.)

That syslog-ng doesn't coalesce repeated messages into a single line doesn't
make a difference. The printk_ratelimit stuff is supposed to make it very
hard to DOS a system by flooding syslog, but that doesn't mean its

The point of this discussion was that having a part of the kernel log a
message about a fork-bomb was a very large whole that could be used to DOS a
system by flooding the syslog. (In fact, IIRC, the printk_ratelimit (and
somebody, please correct me if I'm wrong) stuff uses a ring buffer and
seriously spamming syslog, like the patch that spawned this thread would have
done, could cause you to lose potentially important messages)

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