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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Containment measures for slab objects on scatter gather lists
> DMA to or from memory should be done via the DMA mapping API.  If we're
> DMAing to/from a limited range within a page, either we should be using
> dma_map_single(), or dma_map_page() with an appropriate offset and size.

If those ranges overlap a cache line then the dma mapping API will not
save your backside.

On a system with a 32 byte cache granularity what happens if you get two
dma mapping calls for x and x+16. Right now the thing that avoids this
occurring is that the allocators don't pack stuff in that hard so x+16
always belongs to the same driver and we can hope driver authors are

> sizes, but they do happen. We handle this on ARM by writing back
> the overlapped lines and invalidating the rest before the DMA operation
> commences, and hope that the overlapped lines aren't touched for the
> duration of the DMA.)

The combination of "hope" and "DMA" isn't a good one for stable system
design. In this situation we should be waving large red flags
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