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SubjectRe: [PATCH] LinuxPPS (with new syscalls API) - new version
On Fri, 2007-06-29 at 17:08 +0200, Rodolfo Giometti wrote:
> +asmlinkage long sys_time_pps_fetch(int source, const int tsformat,
> + struct pps_info __user *info,
> + const struct timespec __user *timeout)
> +{
> + int ret;
> + struct timespec to;
> +
> + if (timeout) {
> + ret = copy_from_user(&to, timeout, sizeof(struct timespec));
> + if (ret)
> + return ret;

You missed one. This should be -EFAULT too. And there's not a huge
amount of point in keeping the access_ok() checks elsewhere, since
copy_to_user() does that for itself.

Oh, and I think you do need compat magic for 'struct pps_info' and
'struct pps_params' too -- there's a struct timespec hidden deep in
there, as well as 'unsigned long longpad[3]'.

Can you explain the 'union pps_timeu'? It seems very odd. How do we know
which member of the union should be used?


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