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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH 0/6] Convert all tasklets to workqueues

Hi Dan,

On Mon, 25 Jun 2007, Dan Williams wrote:

> Yes you are right, ARM does not flush L1 when prev==next in switch_mm.
> > Perhaps something else is at fault here.
> >
> I'll try and dig a bit deeper...


static int __init iop_adma_init (void)
+ iop_adma_workqueue = create_workqueue("iop-adma");
+ if (!iop_adma_workqueue)
+ return -ENODEV;

Could you also try upping the prio of all the "iop-adma" threads?

You should see thread names such as (on SMP) "iop-adma/0", "iop-adma/1"
... "iop-adma/N" where N = # of CPUs - 1.

do a "chrt -p -f 98 <pid>" once for each of the thread's PIDs. The
chrt can be found in the package "util-linux" on Red Hat / Fedora, and in
schedutils on Debian.

It just dawned on me that workqueues don't run at a high priority by
default. So it's funny that I'm running all my current tasklets as a low
priority work queues :-)

But that can certainly be a cause of high latency. I need to update my
patches to make the workqueue thread a higher priority. All benchmarks on
this patch have been using a low priority work queue.

I also don't see any nice API to have the priority set for a workqueue
thread from within the kernel. Looks like one needs to be added,
otherwise, I need to have the wrapper dig into the workqueue structs to
find the thread that handles the workqueue.


-- Steve
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