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    SubjectRe: New format Intel microcode...
    On 28/06/07, Chuck Ebbert <> wrote:
    > On 06/28/2007 10:12 AM, Arjan van de Ven wrote:
    > >> However, it listed only Windows related sites
    > >> for the "fix" download. Is this the same TLB issue? And are these really
    > >> fixes for Windows to flush the TLB properly the way Linux does?
    > >
    > > First of all, Linux has microcode updates as well. Some of the more
    > > hypish news-bulletins just conveniently "forgot" about this. Basically
    > > all distributions ship them, so users who use the distro update tools
    > > get these automatically. And the update mentioned has been shipping for
    > > a while (in version 1.17).
    > Fedora 6 has version 1.13
    > Fedora 7 also has 1.13
    > RHEL 5 has 1.15
    > Debian stable has 1.15 (9 Oct 2006)
    > Suse 10.1 has 1.13

    You've got to give credit to Intel for providing the ucode updates though.

    The Ubuntu/Debian microcode.ctl package fetches a new version upon
    installation/reconfiguration [1]; I guess if there were ucode updates
    that resolved stability/vulnerability issues with Linux, the security
    team could release an updated package with new default microcode.

    However, I think the package isn't installed per default in Ubuntu
    7.04 ia32/x86-64...


    --- [1]

    # dpkg-reconfigure microcode.ctl
    Local microcode is old, you need an update.
    Trying to download an new version of microcode.
    Now attempting to download microcode.
    microcode downloaded sucessfully
    Daniel J Blueman
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