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    SubjectRe: NDAs - ANY KNOWN RULES?
    Am Dienstag, den 26.06.2007, 19:37 -0700 schrieb Arjan van de Ven:
    > > Thanks for your explanations,
    > >
    > > but I know for sure it does't work.
    > then.. do you have an actual question or are you just trying to troll?
    > and yes there have been several such trolls lately on this list, and so
    > far your postings have all the signs of being just another one..


    thanks ;), you might help me to decide if somebody abuses a list already
    for free advertising or is still contributing.

    Sorry, my question is, where one can look up if the pinning of a newer
    chip we support is also only under NDA available. Previously often at
    least that was public. (examples now saa7131e, tda10046a, tda8275ac1)

    If I don't find anything on the web, whom I have to ask that question,
    the NDA holder, the manufacturer or do we have a list, because everybody
    knows that this can be helpful to identify hardware differences and this
    question is always asked already?


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