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SubjectRe: bugs in __schedule()
Satyam Sharma wrote:
> Hi Gavin,
> On 6/26/07, gshan <> wrote:
>> Here is the all output I have:
>> # ifconfig mgt0
>> BUG: scheduling while atomic: exe/0x00000101/752
> Yup, you can't sleep in taskets, they're atomic.
>> caller is schedule+0x4c/0xe4
>> Call trace:
>> [c02dc4dc] __schedule+0x654/0x788
>> [c02dc6f4] schedule+0x4c/0xe4
>> [c02dbe24] __compat_down+0xc8/0x12c
> So, you can't use / acquire semaphores in them. Use spinlocks.
> If the shared data is also accessed from process context, use
> spin_lock_bh() from the process context code.
> Satyam
Thanks, Satyam. So I can replace the tasklet with kernel thread?
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