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SubjectRe: Question about fair schedulers
Alberto Gonzalez wrote:
> On Saturday 23 June 2007, Kyle Moffett wrote:
>> On Jun 22, 2007, at 18:07:15, Alberto Gonzalez wrote:
>>> Ok, so what will a fair scheduler do in this case? It is my
>>> understanding that it would give 50% CPU to each task, resulting in
>>> the video dropping frames. Is this correct?
>> Yes, that's correct.
>> What this *actually* means is that you want the media player to have
>> higher priority than the DVD ripping program. Ergo you should run
>> "nice +20 my_dvd_burner" or "nice +20 my_vorbis_encoder" under CFS or
>> other fair schedulers.
> Ok, that makes sense. The problem is that desktop users don't know about such
> things, so the ideal situation would be that the scheduler knows about it and
> does it for you.
Well, the scheduler can't really know that. But the people who
write the dvd burning/ripping/encoding/viewing software
know what is needed, they can write their programs so they set useful

Helge Hafting
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