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    SubjectRe: [PATCH][RFC] security: Convert LSM into a static interface
    Quoting Chris Wright (
    > * Serge E. Hallyn ( wrote:
    > > Sigh, as much as I would *like* to stay out of this (I don't
    > > use modules at all on any system where I can avoid it), won't
    > > it make development - and especially testing - of new lsms
    > > much more painful and therefore less likely?
    > Dev, hopefully not. Testing, well, perhaps.
    > > I realize there has been a dearth of new LSMs to date, but if
    > > for instance a new solaris 10 based capability module were written,
    > > well, people would want to be able to
    > >
    > > rmmod capability
    > > modprobe cap_prm
    > The problem is it's not necessarily even safe to do rmmod at all.
    > And modprobe may require extra labelling, or extra checks for
    > unlabelled objects (perhaps not so much for your example).

    Right, and given that it's trivial for the author of an LSM which
    shouldn't be modular to make the LSM a boolean config rather than
    tristate, it doesn't seem like a good reason to take away the
    ability to have LSM modules.

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