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SubjectRe: pivot_root alternative
Arnd Hannemann wrote:
> Jan Engelhardt schrieb:
>> On Jun 24 2007 23:27, Salvatore De Paolis wrote:
>>> i built the kernel with a busybox initramfs which runs from a usb stick. While
>>> i boot i need to mount the real root and i'm using pivot_root.
>>> Pivot_root . old-root return to me an "Invalid argument" error and googling i
>>> found here that pivot_root should be avoided.
>>> I want to ask now what i should do to switch to a real root?
>> use run-init from klibc?
> However be aware of the limitation of run-init:
> It only works for direct childs of root directory
> /mnt/newroot won't work
> /newroot should work ;-)

Hm, that should probably be fixed. It should be able to work on any
directory as long as there isn't another *filesystem* involved...

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