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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH 0/6] Convert all tasklets to workqueues

On Sun, 24 Jun 2007, Jonathan Corbet wrote:
> The cafe_ccic (OLPC) camera driver uses a tasklet to move frames out of
> the DMA buffers in the streaming I/O path. With this change in place,
> I'd worry that the possibility of dropping frames would increase,
> especially considering that (1) this is running on OLPC hardware, and
> (2) there is typically a streaming video application running in user
> space.
> Obviously some testing is called for here. I will make an attempt to do
> that testing, but the next few weeks involve some insane travel which
> will make that hard. Stay tuned.


Thanks for pointing this driver out. I'd greatly appreciate any report
you give us regarding the effect of having the tasklet as a thread.

-- Steve

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