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SubjectRe: How innovative is Linux?
Grozdan Nikolov wrote:
> On Saturday 23 June 2007 21:18, you wrote:
>> There's a lot in Linux that was true innnovation:
>> Alan Cox's Networking Architecture.
>> VFS Architecture (best one out there -- even better than M$'s)
>> Scheduler Design.
>> Jeff
> Thanks Jeff, so from reading all the responses here I can conclude that Linux
> innovates stuff by itself and not only gets it from other places. Is it also
> right to say that other kernels, be it BSD, Solaris, maybe AIX?, also benefit
> from the Linux innovations?

Absolutely. Every operating system benefits from the
cross pollination of ideas that happens on mailing lists,
through white papers and at conferences.

Politics is the struggle between those who want to make their country
the best in the world, and those who believe it already is. Each group
calls the other unpatriotic.
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