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SubjectRe: [AppArmor 39/45] AppArmor: Profile loading and manipulation, pathname matching
> This thread is amazing.  With so many smart people's precious time,
> What are the results?
> What are the issues anyway?
> Is anyone happy? (I'm not and I assume Chris is not)
> Yes, "waste of time" is taking place here, but
> it's not for "pathname-based MAC" but for "wrongly posted messages",
> I believe. I'm a relatively new to this ml, let me ask.
> Is this ml a place of judge or battle? (not to help or support?)
> Nothing is perfect, so we can work to make things to better, right?
> I have suggestions:
> Let's clarify issues first.
> - problems (or limitations) of pathname-based MAC
> - advantages of pathname-based MAC
> - how can pathname-based MAC supplement label based
> (Stephen, James and Kyle, please help)
> Let's start the arguments again if we get the issues.
> Threads should be definitely separated per issue and
> a assigning a chair may help.

Well, I crated a Wiki page. If it helps, please
feel free to use it. I mean I would like
people to add your issues here. It's wiki, so
you are welcome to modify everything.

If ml is better, I have no objections.
I just wanted to help discussion.

> Above issues are independent of SELinux. We should not *compare*
> SELinux and AA, that can cause a problem. Every software has
> shortages that's why we need to work and we can make progress.
> For some issues we may need to compare them, in that case
> moderators would help.
> BTW I have posted a RFC of TOMOYO Linux that is another
> pathname-based MAC.
> AA and TOMOYO Linux have BoF sessions at OLS2007,
> so it would be a great opportunity to *talk* over the issues.
> What I want to say is "let's make progress and help each other
> to make Linux better".

Toshiharu Harada

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