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SubjectRe: [rtc-linux] Re: rtc_cmos: error after first write to wakealarm
[ please don't edit folk off the cc list unless you *know* they
are getting duplicates ... ]

> > It's got as much documentation in the kernel tree as that
> > old /proc/acpi/alarm thing. More, in fact, since the GIT
> > comment for the putback creating /sys/rtc/.../wakealarm
> > files has lots of info about how to use it.
> What GIT comment are you referring to?

What "git log drivers/rtc/rtc-sysfs.c" shows ... date Feb 12.
The web interface shows it too.

> > One theory: it's an RTC that doesn't support all the fields,
> > so its driver is returning "-1" in fields like "year" or "month".
> With the old /proc/acpi/alarm, the year 2007 became 0007. Maybe this is
> the culprit?

That's essentially the same issue. It needs some sort
of generic fix at the rtc_read_alarm() level.

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