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SubjectRe: [PATCH -rt] CONFIG_PARAVIRT and CONFIG_MCOUNT don't play well together
* Ingo Molnar ( wrote:
> * Chris Wright <> wrote:
> > Current -rt is broken when compiling with CONFIG_PARAVIRT and
> > CONFIG_MCOUNT both enabled. Because CONFIG_MCOUNT disables
> > CONFIG_REGPARM, the calling convention must once again be explicit
> > with fastcall. However, this was only half-way addressed in the -rt
> > patch (adding fastcall back to paravirt_ops function ptr declaration
> > but not the actual function definitions) so the compiled kernel has
> > caller putting stuff in registers and callee pulling things from the
> > stack. Impressive how far into boot it can get despite that ;-) Thanks
> > to Steven Rostedt for prodding me and starting the initial debugging.
> thanks! I ran into this before and asked for the fastcalls to not be
> removed from upstream paravirt.c but to no avail it seems. It does no
> harm to anyone to keep the 'fastcall' declarations and definitions for
> places where _actual assembly code_ depends on the calling convention.
> Could someone please send this upstream-wards too?

Yes, I agree, it's actually documenting the subtlety of the calling
convention, not just noise in the source. The upstream patch is
different, I'll sort one out.

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