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SubjectRe: Kconfig troubles when using menuconfig - Was: [patch]Re: [linux-usb-devel] linux-2.6.22-rc5-gf1518a0 build #300 failed in zc0301_core.c

On Jun 22 2007 16:27, Roman Zippel wrote:
>> In this specific case, all V4L USB drivers depends on V4L_USB_DRIVERS,
>> that depends, in turn, on USB. So, if USB is not selected,
>> V4L_USB_DRIVERS should be unselected, unselecting zc0301.
>> Unfortunately, the Kernel building system is not properly handling it.
>> This is the (snipped) media/video/Kconfig:
>> menuconfig V4L_USB_DRIVERS
>> bool "V4L USB devices"
>> depends on USB
>> default y
>The menuconfig patches were a little aggressive here, it created a config
>symbol where there was none before and in this case it even changed
>dependencies (it turns USB into a bool).

V4L_USB_DRIVERS=y turns USB into =y? That can't be. It should give the "this
depends on another symbol [USB] that is modular".

>I'm also a little irritated by the "default y", if I enable V4L I'm very
>tempted to check what other useless stuff has been automatically enabled,
>which I have to turn off again.

The default y only applies to the "menu" folders, not actual code.
There have been discussions to remove the default-ys again, I've sent a patch
[], but nothing happened.

So, should all affected menuconfigs be transformed into tristates, what
do you think, Roman? Let me know so I can cook up a patch (hopefully
before 2.6.22) should they become tristate.

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