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SubjectRe: Adding subroot information to /proc/mounts, or obtaining that through other means
Am Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2007 00:46 schrieb H. Peter Anvin:
> Dr. David Alan Gilbert wrote:
> > What happens with the (sick) case of spaces in directory names?
> > Also is it really nicely defined that there is no way to put a space
> > in an option in any of the filesystems? I suppose someone
> > particularly sick could have a device node in a directory with a space
> > in it. It would be nice if new formats for this are being defined
> > to make it cover everything.
> That's already handled just fine:
> bash-3.1$ mkdir /tmp/'Jag är: \
> en liten mask'
> bash-3.1$ sudo mount -t tmpfs none '/tmp/Jag är: \
> en liten mask'/
> bash-3.1$ tail -1 /proc/mounts
> none /tmp/Jag\040är:\040\134\012en\040liten\040mask tmpfs rw 0 0
> bash-3.1$

Hmm, and what about the even sicker case: /tmp/\040, parse as /tmp/\\040?
Do userspace cope with this?

Happy parsingly y'rs,
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