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SubjectRe: Limiting load of certain processes
Am Donnerstag, 21. Juni 2007 20:26 schrieb Jan Engelhardt:
> Of course there may be hacks that try to figure out if a DOS window is
> idle, waiting for user input. (Seems like a new invention in Windows 2000
> and up). Since dosemu and all the emulators are not running a genuine
> Microsoft DOS / have source, it should be easy game for them to wait
> non-busily.
Well, the "tamedos" shareware does it that way. It works fairly well, but not
too well. DOSEMU doesn't address this problem besides from the suspending
whenever the dosemu window is iconified.

My idea was *not* to schedule a process for running, even if it is the only
runnable one, if it is marked as a "presumably bad mannered" process and
consumed its previous timeslice to the whole. Instead an idle slice is done.
After a configureable amount of time, the bad mannered process is allowed to
run again.

I know it's a crude idea for everyday Linux processes, but for dosemu driven
applications, which behave badly in a multitasking OS *and* for which source
code isn't available, it may be worth to discuss.

Kind regards


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