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SubjectRe: [BUG] ide dma_timer_expiry, then hard lockup

Alan Cox wrote:

>>Google seems to show that there is no publically available
>>firmware updates for Maxtor disks.

> There are for some but only if you irritate the tech support people.

>>hours at high cpu usage.... There were maybe a a dozen DriveReady
>>SeekComplete Timeout errors clustered a few minutes apart.

> That suggests the drive is having problems occassionally and that the DMA
> path code then blows up when they occur.

>>Is there a way of viewing the contents of he command queue on
>>the hard drive, to see if the command actually made it across?

> queue ? You are overestimating IDE ;)

He's not -- there is queued commands support since ATA[PI]-5. I'm not sure
why but Linux decided not to support it.

MBR, Sergei
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