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SubjectTUX2 filesystem
Hello Daniel,
hello everbody else,

in Oct 2000 there's been some discussion "Tux2 - evil patents sighted"
(, and in Aug
2002 ( Daniel
> It's well down my list of priorities because of uncertainties due to
> the U.S. patent system.
> Does anybody want to know if patent chill exists, and is it hurting
> open source? The answer is yes.

With the recent Supreme Court decisions
( and the fact
that Daniel wrote that he did most of his work in *1989* (which is now 18
years ago!) is there a chance for newer developments?

It seems to me that this kind of filesystem could solve a few problems that
are currently attacked:
- Atomic snapshots. Make a new superblock, and mount this copy in another
directory. As long as it's not overwritten, it stays consistent.
- Speed/Consistency for Flash media. There is a list of superblocks, and when
the new block has been written the pointer from the old gets set - until the
first block in the list gets re-written.

There may be some other nice things I didn't think about - but just having
this filesystem for harddisks might be good, too.


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