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SubjectRe: Dual-Licensing Linux Kernel with GPL V2 and GPL V3
On 6/19/07, Dave Neuer <> wrote:

> It was Apache. Apache showed corporate users and small businesses
> desperate to cash in on the Interweb c. 1995-1998 ...

Right time period ...

> Linux was a tool for UNIX sysadmins and admin wannabes to
> practice their UNIX chops at home - or a conveniently inexpensive
> platform on which to run Apache. Companies -- other than Linux
> distributors -- didn't bet their business on it.

Wrong conclusion. Been there, done that, helped bet the company
on networks based on Linux servers.

> Apache's success greatly contributed to the corporate acceptance of Linux, IMHO.

Wrong again. Apache was not allowed to distribute strong
encryption for e-commerce servers over that time frame. The
solution we bought was O/S agnostic.

And to quote your next message, you have given all the reasons
why NetBSD has already taken over the world.

By the time of Linux 2.0.x, it could stay up for years at a
time even if it was running on garbage. There was no alternative
even *close*.

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