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SubjectRe: Dual-Licensing Linux Kernel with GPL V2 and GPL V3
> constraints it's valid for a copyright holder to try to enforce w/ a
> license -- I think it's immoral for an employer to force an employee
> to toil at a meaningless, soul-crushing job for the vast majority of
> one's single, short existence if they could make it more enjoyable,
> but I'd hate to see someone try to enforce that with a license (I'm
> happy telling a person in that situation to "just quit" just as you
> tell people "just don't buy it"). To call people who draw the line in
> a different place than you hypocrites is BS.

Very poor example. In many parts of the world "Just quit" is "just starve
to death".

And guess what - brand owners do use the rights to try and stop that kind
of abuse with varying degrees of success. The 'fair trade' logo is
controlled this way. Many companies do their best not to license
production of goods to sweat shops and child slaves. It's considered
morally correct and companies get pounded by the public and lose business
when they fail to police these restrictions.

So please DON'T equate the two. Tivo is a minor control argument about a
silly little TV recording box. Employee rights is a matter of life, death
and slavery for many many people.

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