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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] Fix possible leakage of blocks in UDF
Andrew Morton wrote:
> On Fri, 01 Jun 2007 17:37:49 -0500
> Eric Sandeen <> wrote:

>> going for the inode_lock twice?
> lockdep should catch that.

hey that's a good idea...! *sigh* sometimes I worry about myself... but
hey at least I got it right. :)

[ INFO: possible recursive locking detected ]
2.6.22-rc3 #8
lt-fsstress/3285 is trying to acquire lock:
(inode_lock){--..}, at: [<ffffffff802b0de9>] __mark_inode_dirty+0xe2/0x16c

but task is already holding lock:
(inode_lock){--..}, at: [<ffffffff80316cc9>]

other info that might help us debug this:
3 locks held by lt-fsstress/3285:
#0: (&inode->i_mutex/1){--..}, at: [<ffffffff8029f262>]
#1: (&inode->i_mutex){--..}, at: [<ffffffff80462809>]
#2: (inode_lock){--..}, at: [<ffffffff80316cc9>]

stack backtrace:

Call Trace:
[<ffffffff8024e1fc>] __lock_acquire+0x155/0xbaa
[<ffffffff802b0de9>] __mark_inode_dirty+0xe2/0x16c
[<ffffffff8024eccc>] lock_acquire+0x7b/0x9f
[<ffffffff802b0de9>] __mark_inode_dirty+0xe2/0x16c
[<ffffffff80463bc9>] _spin_lock+0x1e/0x28
[<ffffffff802b0de9>] __mark_inode_dirty+0xe2/0x16c
[<ffffffff882dc7cc>] :udf:udf_write_aext+0x101/0x11b
[<ffffffff882e5992>] :udf:extent_trunc+0xd6/0x123
[<ffffffff882e5ab9>] :udf:udf_truncate_tail_extent+0xda/0x171
[<ffffffff882dfc5e>] :udf:udf_drop_inode+0x26/0x35
[<ffffffff802a726d>] iput+0x74/0x76
[<ffffffff802a4e9b>] dentry_iput+0xa0/0xb8
[<ffffffff802a612a>] prune_dcache+0xa2/0x174
[<ffffffff802a4f3c>] d_kill+0x21/0x43
[<ffffffff802a5eef>] prune_one_dentry+0x3a/0xef
[<ffffffff802a6175>] prune_dcache+0xed/0x174
[<ffffffff802a6253>] shrink_dcache_parent+0x21/0x10e
[<ffffffff8029becd>] dentry_unhash+0x26/0x84
[<ffffffff8029d23c>] vfs_rmdir+0x88/0x117
[<ffffffff8029f287>] do_rmdir+0xa1/0xe3
[<ffffffff8020cf4b>] syscall_trace_enter+0x8d/0x8f
[<ffffffff8029f300>] sys_rmdir+0x11/0x13
[<ffffffff80209da5>] tracesys+0xdc/0xe1

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