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    SubjectRe: And now for something _totally_ different: Linux v2.6.22-rc5

    On Tue, 19 Jun 2007, Mariusz Kozlowski wrote:
    > MAINTAINERS says riscom8 is orphaned so not sure
    > if anybody cares. Spotted this when playing with modprobe
    > walking /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel in a loop ;)

    Oh wow.

    I wonder why it does that. The code literally does:


    and I don't see the point.

    (And that's what then causes the warning: tty_unregister_driver will
    eventually get a mutex, but the caller had disabled hardware interrupts..

    I see absolutely *zero* reason for that whole save_flags/cli/restore_flags
    dance at all, so I think the right thing to do is to just remove it.

    I'm Cc'ing Alan, in case he cares.

    Mariusz, if you actually *use* the dang thing, and really care, you can
    send me a tested patch. I can pretty much guarantee that removing those
    irq games won't make things any worse, but no way am I going to just
    remove it on my own without any users or any testing.

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