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SubjectRe: Dual-Licensing Linux Kernel with GPL V2 and GPL V3
On Tue, Jun 19, 2007, Manu Abraham wrote:
> Johannes Stezenbach wrote:
> > I argue that if you keep the free loaders out, you miss
> > the chance to communicate with and educate them.
> > Communication across borders doesn't work well, and you create
> > a border between the morally "good" and the "bad".
> >
> > Of course you can't expect that every free loader will
> > learn and accept the free software philosopy, some just
> > won't. But to me that's acceptable, and the GPLv2, or indeed
> > Linus' tit-for-tat interpretation of the GPLv2, is IMHO
> > sufficient to protect my interests.
> Err .. when you say protection on one hand and on the other you state
> it's hard to keep free loaders away,

I didn't say that.

IMHO it isn't even useful to try to keep free loaders away,
it's better to try and integrate them gradually. That's part
of the game.
(Where "free loaders" is a term introduced by Alexandre, not by me.)

The GPLv2 is a sufficient tool to defend free software
against those that don't even grasp tit-for-tat. But if
they do, you can talk to them *as peers* and try to convince
them that there's more to free software than just tit-for-tat.
But it has to be their decision, IMHO it's wrong to force them.

The GPLv3 tries to be a tool to defend against those that
don't subscribe to the full Free Software Definition.

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