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Subjectgit-current: slub breaks s2ram with fglrx...

I've found the second root for my

'2.6.22-rc regression: s2ram fails to suspend + fails to resume w/ Xorg':

The first one was just the wrong coretemp patch (already fixed by Jean).

The second one happens only with Xorg/fglrx loaded and slub enabled, as
I've found after a useless git bisect session, I've traced down the
other s2ram does not work problem to be caused by slub ... FYI: I am now
on git-current which should be rc5:

slab & fglrx works
slub & console works
slub & X11+fglrx creates hangs on suspend (black screen - no further
idea ...)

It should be noted that withouth the proprietary fglrx.ko module loaded
the machine just reboots on s2ram (though IIRC without fglrx.ko loaded
it worked with 2.6.19 or so...)

Is this a kernel thing or yet another bug in fglrx ?

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