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    SubjectRe: AT_ENTROPY1 and AT_ENTROPY2 values for include/linux/auxvec.h
    On Mon, 2007-06-18 at 01:40 +0200, Alexander Gabert wrote:
    > Hello glibc and kernel maintainers,
    > could you please add two AT_ entries to include/linux/auxvec.h in the
    > upstream kernel and the respective elf/elf.h definitions in glibc.

    while I'm not per se against adding such aux vectors, I think it's a bad
    mistake to make them a config option (and 2 options at that!!)

    Stack protector is very widely deployed today
    (Fedora,RHEL,SLES,OpenSUSE,Gentoo etc), so I can sure see the point of
    helping it a bit... but I'd like to see a little more data on how the
    current approach isn't sufficient.

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