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SubjectRe: raid1 with nbd member hangs MD on SLES10 and RHEL5
Mike Snitzer wrote:
> On 6/14/07, Paul Clements <> wrote:
>> Mike Snitzer wrote:
>> > Here are the steps to reproduce reliably on SLES10 SP1:
>> > 1) establish a raid1 mirror (md0) using one local member (sdc1) and
>> > one remote member (nbd0)
>> > 2) power off the remote machine, whereby severing nbd0's connection
>> > 3) perform IO to the filesystem that is on the md0 device to enduce
>> > the MD layer to mark the nbd device as "faulty"
>> > 4) cat /proc/mdstat hangs, sysrq trace was collected
>> That's working as designed. NBD works over TCP. You're going to have to
>> wait for TCP to time out before an error occurs. Until then I/O will
>> hang.
> With (uni-processor) I've not seen NBD hang in the
> kernel like I am with RHEL5 and SLES10. This hang (tcp timeout) is
> indefinite oh RHEL5 and ~5min on SLES10.
> Should/can I be playing with TCP timeout values? Why was this not a
> concern with; I was able to "feel" the nbd
> connection break immediately; no MD superblock update hangs, no
> longwinded (or indefinite) TCP timeout.

I don't know. I've never seen nbd immediately start returning I/O
errors. Perhaps something was different about the configuration?
If the other other machine rebooted quickly, for instance, you'd get a
connection reset, which would kill the nbd connection.

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