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    SubjectRe: USB remote control missing keycodes
    On Thu, 14 Jun 2007, Islam Amer wrote:

    > Ok here is everything from dmesg after the point of plugging in the usb
    > IR receiver, which is quite lengthy so as an attachment.

    Thanks. Obviously this remote has broken report descriptor -- it generates
    0xfa usage code from Consumer page for the "back" key (not to mention that
    it should rather generate 0x224 for KEY_BACK), but logical maximum for
    coresponding field is set to 0xf9, as far as I can see from the dump you

    I have met such devices already, we are fixing their report descriptors on
    the fly before they enter the HID parser. I will prepare a patch for you
    to test (probably tomorrow, sorry).

    BTW this also means that the support for the BACK key can't currently be
    written in userspace using the setkeycodes() method, because this usage is
    currently just ignored, due to being out of range.

    Jiri Kosina
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